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Lots going on. Out to BlackHat next week to meet up with a guy about a thing. Always a blast. Not a Vegas fan having lived there for weeks at a time in a former life. Great hiking, even in August. So much has changed in the last few months. A career at this stage is like getting into character every day and pretending to be very excited about some things that are always the same. The surprise and delight comes when you actually are surprised and new things are discovered. This is what getting older truly is about.


Driving toward unity. That's going to be the theme of the quarter.


Release 2 of our SaaS product rolls out this week. BOD meetings, travel and more family than I can handle. Good times all around. I've been a part of a business that has grown about 80% this year. It's been an amazing ride.


Working from AUS this week. Lots of software dev stuff. Taking the company in a new direction, or perhaps, not based upon past history. AUS is my favorite city on the planet. I'm not kidding, it's the very best, but while I look at thit through this lens, AUS continues to disappoinemt me more and more when I travel here. So awesome. So much potential, yet so many issues.

Staying home for a few weeks - hopefully.


Again, more content. I've been on the road quite a bit lately and have experienced first-hand the issues that the airlines are running into and forcing down onto their customers. It's truly astonishing at how bad airlines are at running airlines. But hey, what do I know right?

I've been playing with some ML things lately along with doing some rudimentary work with GPT-3. Interesting all around. The story last week about the Google engineer who believed the AI he was interacting with was sentient was hilarious. Like anything sensational, it was picked up and cast far and wide to an audience that believes so many untruths and misrepresented facts at this point, the headline may as well have been, "Here be dragons!" Hilarity did indeed ensue.




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